I Think It Was The Banana

It’s been a couple of weeks of ups and downs. It started with a flare up of my gastritis. I hate using these terms. I sound like a 90 year old in a nursing home complaining about their bathroom habits. But I have gastritis. I come by it honestly. Overactive proton pumps are in my DNA. Every once and a while my stomach gets irritated. It is very painful but the worst part is feeling like it’s not going to get any better. The good news is it does get better! The great news is I kept going to the gym and even ran a second 5k (more on that in a bit). I tried cutting out certain foods to see if it made my stomach feel better. Within the span of 48 hours I had stopped eating eggs and coffee. I also stopped taking a daily supplement. Do you know what I didn’t stop eating? Bananas. Do any research on gastritis and bananas and you will get a wealth of information about how good bananas are for someone suffering from gastritis. They are soft and easily digested by the stomach. Ha! On the way out of the house one day I grabbed a banana to eat in the car. 30 minutes later I’m in the Toys R Us about to pass out from the pain in my stomach. My husband sends me to sit in the car. When he gets in the car, I turn to him and say in my most pitiful voice: “You know what? I think it was the banana”. An hour later the pain had subsided and it’s been two weeks since I’ve had a banana. Devil fruit.

The 5k was fun but it seemed a little harder to run this time and I walked for about 45 seconds. I did beat my previous time. I’ve gone from ‘turtle’ slow to ‘turtle with his shell on fire’ slow. It was a color run so at random points along the route I was doused with colored corn starch. Sounds fun, right? A couple of overzealous throwers got it in my face but a little cornstarch behind the contacts and in the lungs never hurt anybody! I’m still trying to figure out how my very covered up stomach and legs ended up green.

My first article was posted on blog.growingbolder.com. I wrote it about this amazing fitness trainer at my gym. She’s been an inspiration to me. When I’m faced with certain challenges I always think WWKD, what would Kris do? Check out the article and GrowingBolder.com. It’s a great place to help you get out there and find your bliss!

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